SBL Leases Buses to the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City

2002 Salt Lake City Winter Games

It is unbelievable the amount of work and effort that goes into preparation for the Olympics. Venue constructions and sports planning, including ticketing, closing ceremony and victory ceremonies, education and media operations; all are developed to make the Olympics memorable. The city is literally transformed. However, there is a hidden element that most people take for granted, and this is the public transportation system.

During the Olympic Games, public transportation is required to be reinforced and improved, not only for visitors, but for the daily commuters as well. There will be over one million people utilizing public transportation during the Games, therefore each olympic city sets up an extensive public transportation system.

For the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics, their were over 1000 transit buses in use and any given time, and as you can imagine this is an incredible feat to accomplish. Each bus would need to be in flawless operating condition. Every snag, every delay would show and create a transportation nightmare.

This is why the Salt Lake Olympics Committee chose SBL to assist in making this monumental olympic triumph a reality. “No other bus leasing company could have done what we’ve done,” exclaims Richard Sullivan, VP of Sales, “and we are extremely proud to have served the olympics in this fashion.”

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Mitt Romney
President & CEO
Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Committee