From large fleets to small projects, seasonal private resorts to public transportation, and governmental operations to student shuttling, solving your transportation needs quickly and efficiently is what SBL is all about.

We purchase only the finest equipment which allows us to ensure you receive reliable buses that are in excellent condition and ready for immediate service.

Is your current University or City Transit Fleet in need of buses to support rising ridership demand? We supply the necessary equipment to give Universities and Transit Fleets the capability to meet the demands of transit riders, students, faculty and staff.

Looking for a way to show your customers more value in your business? Keep customers happy with a parking shuttle service for your ski resort or amusement park.

Are you a Regional Transit Agency that can’t wait 2-3 years for a new bus order? We can help meet your gap service needs by providing a lease that solves your immediate demands.

Do you have a large military or government operation with no way to transport your troops? SBL offers efficient turn-key solutions with around the clock service.