Resorts & National Parks


Mountain Ski Resorts, National Parks, and amusement parks rely on SBL for seasonal equipment needs. SBL bus lease programs have been successfully utilized across the country by the most prestigious brands in Amusements parks across the country. It’s commonly known that the most recognized theme parks are constantly added new features and remodeling their parking facilities to amaze their worldwide customer base. SBL bus leases are employed as part of the efforts taken to ensure their guest’s experience is uninterrupted during construction phases. SBL buses are also seen transporting guest through various hotel shuttle programs through out the country. High quality, wheel chair accessible SBL buses are the solution for just about anywhere transportation is used in an Amusement park.

Premiere Mountain Ski Resorts offer every available amenity to their resort guests and daily patron skiers alike. They often have complex transportation needs throughout their resort property and connecting communities. SBL buses compliment their first class image requirements while offering the functionality to meet their challenging service requirements. SBL realizes that equipment needs and budgets vary from year to year. In response, we have created flexible seasonal lease programs to best accommodate the most prestigious ski resorts across the country.

National Parks receive visitors from all over the world creating logistics challenges to accommodate so many adoring nature seekers. SBL has worked hand and hand with many parks to provide not only high-quality transit equipment to allow their guest maximum enjoyment of their Parks natural wonders. Many National Parks have inquired about alternative fuel equipment solutions including CNG buses to be consistent with the sustainable message. SBL has the bus solution any National Park.