University Transit


Dedicated transportation is finding a future in Universities as administration officials look to new ideas that will help their campuses increase sustainability while remaining student friendly. According to the University of Montana, on an average day, if all 15,000 students, teachers and staff drove to the campus they would be competing for only 4,500 parking spaces.

This limited parking would have developed a strain on the students and faculty had it not been for their Park-N-Ride and UDASH bus service. These two services were created and designed to provide alternative transportation options on campus. In the last ten years, the bus service has grown from a single van to a 10-bus fleet and continues to offer free rides to students thereby reducing both congestion and vehicle emissions.

Recently, three additional low floor buses were purchased from our sister company, Transit Sales International, to provide better service and more reliable accessibility in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Both buses were upgraded with new upholstery and a high luster paint scheme that represents the University’s prized colors, maroon and silver, to bring pride to the students and staff.

Our transit bus leasing services also have a significant impact on Universities across the nation. Many transportation problems on the campus setting begin with overcrowded parking lots, congested streets, and administration facing the barrier of running out of real estate to build more parking structures. Our bus leasing services help alleviate these problems by creating a micro transit system for each university and utilizing offsite parking lots to transport students from their cars to class.