Complete Coach Work’s Sister Company, Transit Sales International Launches New Website

Complete Coach Work’s Sister Company, Transit Sales International Launches New Website

Riverside, CA – Transit Sales International (TSI) announced the launch of its new website,, promoting its vast array of pre-owned buses. TSI’s website also displays resources and information for transit operators, as well as updates and news about TSI and its affiliate companies, Complete Coach Works (CCW) and Shuttle Bus Leasing. The fully redesigned website provides customers with an intuitive user interface, ease of use, faster navigation, and improved search.

It is important that new and repeat visitors access our inventory easily, find inspiration, and immediately gain a better understanding of the TSI brand and everything it has to offer. Director of Sales and Marketing, Brad Carson, states, “We are excited about our new website and the exceptional value it offers to our customers. We want to make the vehicle acquisition process as simple and easy as possible, and this streamlined site allows clients to identify buses that would be ideal additions to their fleets.”

TSI has over 1,000 buses of all sizes immediately available for any transportation application. The new website lets visitors see the full inventory of alternative fuel buses, low- and high-floor buses, motor coaches, prison transports, and specialty transit buses. TSI offers the largest selection of makes and models in the nation, and each listing provides detailed specifications to help operators identify the sizes, interior material types, and seating configurations that best fit their fleet needs.

“The site redesign and content reflect TSI’s ability to showcase our competitive strengths and further position our brand as an industry leader. We are taking the opportunity to modernize how we represent our association and promote the industry in which we operate to our customers and employees,” said Kallie Arevalo, Marketing Manager at CCW.

The TSI website will be continually updated with new inventory listings and resources. Visitors can also sign up for TSI’s mailing list to receive the latest company news and information.

Complete Coach Works Announces Contract for Petaluma Transit Bus Rehabilitation

Complete Coach Works Announces Contract for Petaluma Transit Bus Rehabilitation

RIVERSIDE, CA – Complete Coach Works (CCW) is pleased to announce its contract with Petaluma Transit; located in Petaluma, California, for the complete rehabilitation of one of their New Flyer buses.

The rehabilitation will include replacement of the original engine with a 2007 Cummins ISL Recon engine. In addition to the clean engine, the rehab will include rebuilt Allison B400R transmission, new driver’s seat, new LED destination sign systems, and new floors.

The remanufactured bus will be finished off with LED external lights and a new paint job along with graphics for a fresh new look to compliment the mechanical upgrades. you

“Complete Coach Works provides top-notch rehabilitation services for projects of all sizes; we’re looking forward to this rehabilitation project for Petaluma Transit. We value our partnership, and consider it a privilege to be involved on this proactive project to keep their fleet modernized and upgraded to meet the needs of their riders,” says Kevin O’Brien, General Sales Manager of CCW.

Jared Hall, Transit Manager of Petaluma Transit, states “Complete Coach Works has been great to work with and provided superior quality work for the first ever bus rehabilitation for our agency”.

CCW provides a range of remanufacturing, repair, and alternative fuel conversion services for transit vehicles in all stages of the life cycle. CCW technicians have the specialized training, OEM qualifications, technical equipment to properly diagnose and repair these systems, and return vehicles that are ready for revenue service.

CCW Announces Strategic Partnership with Halsey King & Associates, Inc.

CCW Announces Strategic Partnership with Halsey King & Associates, Inc.

RIVERSIDE, CA – Today, Complete Coach Works (CCW) announced a new training initiative as part of its ongoing program to further educate its employees on state-of-the-art electric transit vehicles and charging infrastructure. This partnership allows CCW to continue its commitment to providing advanced technologies and quality transit repair solutions to its clients.

CCW develops go-to-market strategies for the electrification of buses to meet emerging trends within the transportation industry. Through a new collaboration with Halsey King & Associates Inc., CCW will enhance the skills of its workforce by expanding its knowledge of complex electrical systems.

CCW ensures the continuation of its high-quality service offerings by investing in one of the most important elements of its future, its employees. “At CCW, we believe our employees are critical to our company infrastructure,” states Chuck Barnes, Vice President of CCW.

Halsey King & Associates, Inc. will provide electric maintenance and technical training to the CCW staff. Halsey King is a fleet maintenance consultant with over 30 years of international consulting experience. He is well-known in court jurisdictions across the United States due to his investigations regarding the correlation between fatalities to system and component failures. Halsey teaches maintenance technicians, fleet managers and other industry professionals about modern fleet maintenance philosophies, regulations, engineering, standards and management.

Training will consist of intensive courses including videos, lectures, presentations, and hands-on exercises. Subsequently, employees will grasp the basics of electrical components and gain in- depth insight into operational and safety components.

Together, Halsey and CCW will work to help exceed the expectations of the transportation industry. “We are thrilled to work with Halsey King on this training initiative. We are confident that it will help to further establish our staff members as true experts within the field,” states Chuck.

Complete Coach Works DBE Goal FY2020

Complete Coach Works DBE Goal FY2020

Complete Coach Works (CCW) has established a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program in accordance with 49 CFR Part 26. For the purpose of this DBE Program, CCW proposes to set its overall goal utilizing all information available to it, including information available in CCW’s area of manufacturing operation and comments received from the public in response to this notice.

CCW has set a goal of 1.00% participation in DOT-assisted contracts FY2020. This proposed goal and its methodology are available for public inspection during regular business hours Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Pacific Time) at CCW’s corporate office located at 1863 Service Court, Riverside, CA 92507 for 30 days following the date of this notice. CCW and the FTA will accept comments on the goal for 45 days from the date of this notice. The goal may be adjusted depending upon comments received.

Comments may be addressed to:
Amber Lindsey, DBE Liaison Officer
Complete Coach Works
1863 Service Court
Riverside, CA 92507
Phone: (951) 684-9585

Complete Coach Works (CCW) is actively pursuing experienced DBE firms who are interested in participating in transit bus rebuilding operations at its headquarters in Riverside, California. DBE opportunities include, but are not limited to, a range of goods and services for the remanufacture, rehabilitation, and retrofit of heavy-duty transit buses.

Complete Coach Works Receives Contract for Remanufactured ZEPS Buses for Josephine Community Transit

Complete Coach Works Receives Contract for Remanufactured ZEPS Buses for Josephine Community Transit

RIVERSIDE, CA – Complete Coach Works (CCW) is pleased to announce its contract to provide two remanufactured Zero Emission Propulsion System (ZEPS) buses for Josephine Community Transit in Grants Pass, Oregon.

Each ZEPS vehicle will include a state-of-the-art, all-electric drive system with 373kWh battery pack, a battery management system, and inverters. The system will feature a new high-efficiency, electrically driven air compressor, an electrically driven power steering pump, and a new electric-optimized, lightweight roof-mounted HVAC system with a heat pump.

The ZEPS buses’ propulsion 373 kWh batteries are specifically designed for large vehicles. The onboard charger, an integral part of the propulsion system, will provide a full charge in less than six hours using a 480v 100-amp service. In addition to the remanufactured ZEPS buses, CCW will provide maintenance and diagnostic training, operator training, and emergency response personnel training to Josephine Community Transit’s staff.

“CCW looks forward to this opportunity to deliver the first all-electric buses to the Josephine Community Transit fleet. We strive to provide agencies with the best sustainable transportation solutions and remanufactured ZEPS vehicles are a great example of our ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ philosophy in action,” says Jim Paul, Northwest Regional Sales Manager.

CCW is a widely recognized leader in the development of new technologies for the transportation industry. More than 50 ZEPS buses are deployed in service across the nation. ZEPS is a proven technology that has been tested for more than 3 million miles of revenue service.

Developed exclusively by CCW, ZEPS is an integrated technology that provides customers an affordable route to eco-friendly transportation. CCW takes previously owned diesel engine buses and remanufactures them into like-new vehicles containing ZEPS all-electric drivetrain systems. The remanufacturing process extends the service life of the buses and reduces material waste. In addition, the process decreases the costs and environmental impacts of bus manufacturing. CCW also offers a range of alternative fuel vehicle conversions, such as compressed natural gas, liquid natural gas, and liquid propane gas. Other alternative fuel options available include hybrid propulsion systems, hydrogen, and clean diesel.

CCW Partners with The Bus Coalition and TransIT at the Congressional Bus Caucus Event

CCW Partners with The Bus Coalition and TransIT at the Congressional Bus Caucus Event

RIVERSIDE, CA – Today, Complete Coach Works (CCW) announced it will showcase a fully electric bus, built for TransIT Services of Frederick County, on Capitol Hill in honor of the Bus Coalition’s event – “This is Not Your Parents Bus”.

In response to the industry’s increased emphasis on sustainability, CCW has developed a cost-effective and viable alternative to fossil fuel through its ZEPS (Zero Emissions Propulsion System) technology. ZEPS is a remanufactured transit bus containing an all-electric drivetrain system. ZEPS buses are rebuilt to include lightweight flooring, seats, and windows. Each unit also includes energy-efficient heating and cooling systems. The improvements offer a significantly longer operating range while maintaining battery life. ZEPS provides enhanced passenger comfort, proven reliability, and increased safety. Currently, there are more than 50 ZEPS buses deployed in service across the nation with over 3 million revenue miles. These deployments have been proven to perform successfully in all types of weather conditions.

On Wednesday, July 17th, CCW will partner with the Bus Coalition and TransIT to display a ZEPS bus at the Congressional Bus Caucus event. Members of Congress, FTA Officials, Union Representatives and other transit stakeholders are invited to attend and participate. “We are excited to show the Caucus the innovative technology currently being implemented by forward-thinking agencies like TransIT,” said Brad Carson, Director of Sales and Marketing. In 2016, TransIT purchased five (5) of CCW’s ZEPS buses to expand the depth and impact of its environmentally friendly fleet. “We look forward to the exhibition and thank TransIT for its contributions toward making it a success,” Carson said.